Marketing Manager Description:


Gardner is looking for a Marketing Manager to evolve and lead our marketing strategies designed to provide maximum exposure for our listings and Realtors.  This individual is to report to the Vice President. Working directly with the Gardner leadership team, you will develop, drive and implement strategies that are in line with the overall objectives of the organization, which include supporting Realtors, buyers and sellers in creating the life they love. 
Our Marketing Team is comprised of both in-house employees as well as partners throughout the community and world. The diversity of talent within the department enables the team to create strong narrative, designs, and campaigns that effectively tell the story of our company and Realtors. 
As Marketing Manager, you will: 
• Oversee a team of both in-house employees and partner relationships who play a role in supporting our Realtors and organizational success

• Lead strategy and execution for all company and Realtor marketing in support of overall goals

• Create and manage the systems that support efficient Realtor and company marketing processes

• Collaborate with members of Team Marketing and other departments to ensure quality in all aspects of project or campaign execution

• Support Realtors in creating strong brand awareness through their website(s), print campaigns, newsletters, digital marketing, etc.

• Provide excellent concierge service to Realtors to support them in becoming more efficient and increasing their income per hour so they can create the life they love

• Lead and execute listing marketing strategies that result in maximum exposure
• Evolve and create strong brand recognition through multi-channel marketing campaigns including content, social media, newsletters, and print

• Create, plan, oversee and execute company events throughout the year 
• Identify PR opportunities and work with PR team to submit for awards and promote company achievements
• Results-oriented leadership approach with ability to track, evaluate and adjust strategies as needed

• Create strong internal marketing campaigns that support our organizational alignment goals 

• Manage and evolve our websites and blogs to provide an excellent buyer and seller experience and convey the story of who we are and where we are going

• Create strong marketing campaigns with narrative and design that support the guiding objectives

• 4+ years of marketing experience 

• Proficient in social media, blogging, content creation

• Skilled in creating effective marketing campaigns

• Results-oriented leadership approach with ability to track, evaluate and adjust strategies as needed

• Strong skills in content creation, editing and proofing

• Detail oriented and strong grammar skills 

• Strong communication, time management, prioritization and project implementation skills

• Strong knowledge of creative programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, FinalCut etc. preferred 

• Website design skills are a plus

• Ability to lead a group, assign roles and implement a plan for execution 

Each day we wake up with the goal to make our communities better (AKA show #GardnerLove). We do this through our business of real estate as well as our efforts to help the homeless through our philanthropic partner, The New Orleans Mission. We exist to help you create the life you love!
To apply, please email your resume with portfolio(optional) to